26/27th June 2010 Trowbridge Armed Forces Weekend.

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26/27th June 2010 Trowbridge Armed Forces Weekend.

Post  Gina_Costina on Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:50 pm

This weekend GI44-45 had the opportunity to stay and display at the Trowbridge Armed Forces celebrations. We had attended the event for the first time last year, and could tell that a lot of efforts had been put into security and getting more attendees for the event.
The weather was fantastic, and the amount of public interest made this event well worth attending. We had the chance to do some more networking with other groups, and our friends Manny and Francine Trainor turned up to celebrate with us.
As it was Wiltshire, we felt it only right to represent the 101st....as always tab on the images... well you should know by now what to do....

With the crowds starting to arrive, a shout member came out from newest member Dan “B” O’Dwyer, our resident celebrity “What’s that sound?! What’s that sound?!- its SHOOOOOOOWW time folks!!” and with that he jumped into action, his chance to display gets the full airborne load-out ..

Then it was Mark “Todger” Woods turn to feel some pain in the heat..

Meanwhile Corporal Patrick “Wild-Boar” Murphy enthrals two ladies with pictures and tales of his sister Dolly back in Boston...

And steals my Coleman to make them a cup of tea!!!

Then it’s my turn to go for the full load-out, it’s close to mid-day, and the temperature is going through the roof. Looking on Corporal Wilson...sorry, I mean Murphy says, “Do you think that’s wise?”

Meanwhile “Todger” and Corporal Sam “One thing led to another” Harris, start to discuss the evenings’ entertainment, especially when they hear a troop of dancers are arriving from the Big Apple and the Marquis of Bath is already on his way....

The evening over, having had good food and fine company, the next morning attention moves to card playing.. Sgt Johnny Costino observes PFC “Todger” Woods and Corporal Harris playing “Rummy” and decides to educate them, explaining the rules to GI44-45 poker. Private O’Dywer refuses to play...The others are just confused..

Whilst the Victory Beer and Coca-Cola flow, the games gets harder and harder, “rules” are explained, (and adjusted) as fortunes change

Sgt Costino has to explain the Rule about “Aces low in a picture show”. PFC Woods is not convinced..

Despite explaining his rules to the green GI’s, amazingly favour does not shine on Sgt Costino and he soon loses, his technique of “bluff” having been worked out by the other players, who play on without him...

Having lost at his own game, Sgt Costino turns his attention to Corporal Murphy who had been chortling in the back-ground and in revenge sets him a task of stowing one of the chutes...

By this time the weekend was coming to a close. In summary we cite this as an event well worth attending, especially if you live in the Trowbridge area. The organisers are very accommodating and will listen to feedback given, their aim being to provide a weekend in honour of our armed forces and help for heroes.


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Re: 26/27th June 2010 Trowbridge Armed Forces Weekend.

Post  murph on Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:53 am

Well summed up there with some great Piccies. Really enjoyed myself despite the heat and being caught on the hop by a shrewd 90 year old Wink



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Re: 26/27th June 2010 Trowbridge Armed Forces Weekend.

Post  samharris45 on Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:20 pm

Great pics Paul!

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Re: 26/27th June 2010 Trowbridge Armed Forces Weekend.

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