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M42 jump suit and corcorans

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M42 jump suit and corcorans Empty M42 jump suit and corcorans

Post  Guest Tue Oct 29, 2013 6:42 pm

Evening all,

As I have now amassed 6 M42's I feel it's time to slim down to a more sensible 5!

I've got a standard (unreinforced) jacket and pants going for the price I paid - 160.

The jacket is marked as a 38 but I'm a 42" chest and it fits me fine (for those who want to see photos quickly I wore it at Tollerton and this year in Normandy so should be on here or the WW2/2nd Armd forum for viewing modelled by your's truly!!Shocked)

The pants are a size 34 waist.

I beleive it to be made by SM Wholesale but it has no makers tags anywhere to speak of so I can't prove that 100%.

The bottom of the pants have been opened up along the seam a little to make for better blousing (not done by me - the last guy who had it!)

Will post up some photos in the next few days.

Basically the same with my jump boots, I have 3 pairs of Corcoran made boots and one pair by ATF. I've tried to wear all of them at once but it didn't really work so I'm selling up one pair.
UK Size 10 without the laces although I may have some cloth laces kicking about somewhere.

They are the nicer dark brown colour that Corcoran used to make them in, unlike the slightly odd and bright brown their current run are. They haven't been stripped down etc, just well used and are pretty comfy.

I'm asking 60 for those.




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