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'Life on the Line' The official view

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'Life on the Line' The official view Empty 'Life on the Line' The official view

Post  murph Fri Dec 27, 2013 11:28 am

To all, Daz BOND has done some excellent research on the official US ARMY manuals about life for a GI at the front. I have moved the post to the reference area so it won't be lost.

Hi guys,

just going to post up some interesting reading, when you get a spare 5 mins take. this one covers different stuff but including some interesting points on leadership, patroling, and CPS/ OPS

This one mentions how on night patrols light reflects of the field jacket and leggings!! so turn that jacket inside out to the darker wool ( i know the leggings doesnt matter to us for pip, but interesting point. if going on a night patrol, think about what your taking. Does it rattle, does it shine?)

safety in numbers, protect the wireman.. Given the job to lay wire to the OP/CP. Make sure there is a security element to it.

when a patrol is planned, inform your forward OPS that friendly forces are moving forward and across there front

more interesting points on patrolling

when on patrol, dont lose focus on your objective! love the pack board .30 in this one

size of patrols, and drawing intel when on patrol.. draw what you see, make notes. positions, strength, fire power etc. After patrol under a hot debrief with CO and all men on it. old Jimmy on the flank may have seen that Tiger tank you didn't on the left. Pass on all info to Co so he can build that picture.

last one, just some light reading for you all..Fox holes saves lifes, so dig deep!




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'Life on the Line' The official view Empty Re: 'Life on the Line' The official view

Post  TonyM Sat Dec 28, 2013 4:17 pm

Thanks for that Murph, good idea to keep this sort of information for reference. I have downloaded them as PDFs to read off line. Again, good work Daz

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