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Post  Twotone Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:42 am

While fresh in my mind I'd like to share the details of how to get to Colditz and back again for those who want to visit.
We flew from Stansted to Leipzig- Halle (1 hour 20 mins) and from there caught a train,which is a good 5-10 walk in the airport complex, to Leipzig Hbf, the main station of the city. Don't mess about with the ticket machine on the platform, you can get them from the conductor on board. Cost €4.40 a single adult. Hotels are plentiful 5 mins walk from the station, we stayed at the Westin Leipsig which was to the left of the station and within the 5 min radius.
From Leipsig Hbf catch the train from platform 20 ( departures are stated on boards around the station and are on yellow paper), this train will have Dresden Hbf on it, get off at Grossbotten (€4.40), this station is rather dilapidated to the extent that you expect to be hit by tumbleweeds. A 5 min walk to the road, cross over and to the bus stop. Here catch the 619 to Colditz sportsplatz.(€1.80). On both train and bus you can see what is your next stop via a sat nav TV display so you get plenty of warning as to where your stop is. On the way back catch the 619 again from Colditz sportsplatz to Grossbotten (€1.80),then the train from platform 1 to Leipsig Hbf (€4.40). To return to the airport it's  platform 2 from Leipsig Hbf to Leipsig-Halle ( there's a little silhouette of a plane on the timetable to help you!) (€4.40) I've included the prices of the tickets tho they may differ at different times of the day. Travel Time from airport to city is about 15 mins, from city to Colditz is less than 90 mins.
As another point, a 2 hour extended tour of Colditz can be booked in advance, they only take cash and it costs €18. An absolute bargain. The lady to get in touch with is

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