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Front seam swivel bales

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Front seam swivel bales Empty Front seam swivel bales

Post  Gina_Costina Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:46 pm

I've just bought a front seam swivel bail "buy it now" for $10, plus $16.50 postage to a pal in New York, from this guy

I gave him an option to post to England or the US and he chose USA.

He's got a couple more at dirt cheap prices, Postage generally is $41.00, it might be worth asking if he'll ship to England. You won't get charged customs duty as the item is below 30.

Might be worth sending him a message. Its proabbly slightly cheaper that the pots fallshirmjager was flogging.

TOP TIP, if you look at under helmets and hats WW2 "Buy-it-now" you can sometimes get some bargains. This is the cheapest front seam pot I've got so far.

Paul "you can never have too many pots" Costin

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