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[REF] Jacket, Field, OD

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[REF] Jacket, Field, OD Empty [REF] Jacket, Field, OD

Post  Guest Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:58 pm

Hi chaps,

Following on from Richard's recent enquiry about the M41 Jacket, I decided that I would write a short Reference Topic about the OD Field Jacket, often termed the M1941 Jacket due to the date in which it was specified (May 1941).

I hope this will be useful for members when looking into purchasing one, as they can match the accuracy to the examples shown here.



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[REF] Jacket, Field, OD Empty Re: [REF] Jacket, Field, OD

Post  Guest Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:42 am

As mentioned above, the second pattern OD Field Jacket was specified in May 1941. It replaced the earlier example which was identical in construction, except for pointed flaps on the two slash pockets and which did not feature epaulettes. The Jacket consisted of a cotton poplin outer shell produced initially in a lightish green, and later in a darker tan colour, with a wool lining. The lining was thinner than the blanket lining found in the Winter Combat Jacket, and was of a finer weave. The rear of the jacket featured a bellowed section, as well as adjustment tabs at the waist of the jacket which could take in or out. Adjustment tabs could also be found on the wrists of the jacket to tighten it around the wearer's arm. The jacket could be closed on the front by means of a full length zipper and 5 urea coloured buttons.

The illustration below shows the Specification label from an M41 Jacket dated September 22 1941. The layout of the Spec. label follows the standard format:

[REF] Jacket, Field, OD Spec-label

The following illustration shows some of the common reproductions and some original examples to compare the colour variations that can be observed. As explained, the mint examples are all a light OD shade, and not the common tan colour sold by some vendors as "Officers' Shade"!

[REF] Jacket, Field, OD Colour-comp

a) Mint original example
b) Reproduction produced by Peter De Brabander
c) Issued original example
d) Reproduction produced by Sturm (faded)
e) Issued orignial example
f) Reproduction produced for "Saving Private Ryan"
g) 1960s Reproduction produced for "Battle of the Bulge"

As you can see, there is a vast array of colour variation with the reproduction Jackets, but the originals all seem to have a consistent colour, taking into account fading, age, etc. In surmisation, the most accurate in colour and construction in my opinion is the one produced by Peter De Brabander.

To follow is details regarding the lining details, zipper and other features! As usual, if there are any mistakes or amendments you think need to be made, let me know!



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[REF] Jacket, Field, OD Empty Re: [REF] Jacket, Field, OD

Post  Gina_Costina Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:41 pm

Good post-polish those boots in the top right corner!!!


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[REF] Jacket, Field, OD Empty Re: [REF] Jacket, Field, OD

Post  Camel1815 Mon Mar 01, 2010 7:43 pm

Thanx Ben, working fine now. I see what you mean 'bout the colour differences!!!

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[REF] Jacket, Field, OD Empty Re: [REF] Jacket, Field, OD

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