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Ashdown Camp April 2015

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Ashdown Camp April 2015 Empty Ashdown Camp April 2015

Post  GI44-45 Company CP Tue May 05, 2015 1:53 pm

Ashdown Camp Training Weekend
GI 44-45 recently held a training weekend for its members at Ashdown Camp in Evesham, Worcestershire.

In consideration of this unique setting the group chose to represent G Company of the 505th PIR, 82nd Airborne Division during the time frame of December 1943 – February 1944. Throughout this period the Regiment were temporarily billeted in Northern Ireland, effectively ‘in transit’ from Italy to their eventual destination of Leicester, England and preparation for the anticipated invasion of Northern France.

On 18th November 1943 the majority of the 82nd left their billets in Naples and headed for the harbour. Some rear echelon units were still in Sicily, Italy and North Africa. They too were extracted from contact with the enemy and loaded onto troopships bound for 'parts unknown' (The 504th were still on Italian soil as at this time they had been detached from the 82nd to assist the 5th Army). After a brief stop at Oran, North Africa to re-fuel and re-supply the first ships transporting the men of the 505th docked in Belfast Harbour on 9th December to a damp, dark and overcast day.

Northern Ireland was to be their home until 13th February 1944.

Since the Belfast Blitz in 1941, enemy planes were seldom seen as far north as Northern Ireland, however, the possibility of air attack still remained. As a consequence, upon their arrival in Belfast, to reduce the risk, each battalion was allocated a different area of occupation. In each location a camp had been pre-built, giving the men the welcome comfort of British Nissen huts for accommodation, mess halls, wash houses and latrines.

Companies G & H were to be billeted in Drum Manor Forest, just outside of Cookstown, County Tyrone, with the remainder of the Regiment billeted nearby.

(Photos courtesy of BexyM Photography)

Ashdown Camp April 2015 11150624_10155501043515057_5841315612801228771_n
Ashdown Camp April 2015 11229381_10155501046905057_5419748673371574092_n

Ashdown Camp April 2015 11205504_10155501041555057_5421643442356708998_n
Ashdown Camp April 2015 10956522_10155501043400057_2130286543933873543_n

Ashdown Camp April 2015 11200868_10155501033255057_2679630083207734431_n
Ashdown Camp April 2015 11114284_10155501037370057_1864075610078818394_n
Ashdown Camp April 2015 10999572_10155501040680057_6779843235764905897_n

Ashdown Camp April 2015 11210409_10155501084670057_4757032181903933895_n
Ashdown Camp April 2015 11209754_10155497227465057_7706113125489602859_n
Ashdown Camp April 2015 11219254_10155497378285057_8439787599817580170_n
Ashdown Camp April 2015 11203089_10155497379560057_210750869728534726_n
Ashdown Camp April 2015 11182133_10155501104535057_4699636252862544255_n

Ashdown Camp April 2015 11160005_10155497234910057_2481482876847317360_n
Ashdown Camp April 2015 10453440_10155497290675057_3865563969349390882_n
Ashdown Camp April 2015 1610919_10155497383855057_1819470665101446816_n
GI44-45 Company CP
GI44-45 Company CP

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Ashdown Camp April 2015 Empty Re: Ashdown Camp April 2015

Post  messkit Tue May 05, 2015 4:34 pm

Ya hit this one on the nail gents!

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Ashdown Camp April 2015 Empty Re: Ashdown Camp April 2015

Post  samharris45 Tue May 05, 2015 7:14 pm

Cheers Cody. Really happy with how the weekend turned out.

If you can share the album on FB we would be grateful!

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Ashdown Camp April 2015 Empty Re: Ashdown Camp April 2015

Post  murph Wed May 06, 2015 9:14 pm

Thanks Cody. It is sometimes in the small details that we make the biggest impression.



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Ashdown Camp April 2015 Empty Re: Ashdown Camp April 2015

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